Openshop practices Deep Play
to find unusual answers to
hard problems
We think anything
is possible

Create Experiences

Through strategic thinking we build brands, spaces, objects, digital ecologies...

Research the Problem

Ask the right questions. The more clearly we can state a problem and our goals, the more likely we are to achieve a solution that responds to the problem.

Brand and Market Research

Gathers the raw material that forms the basis for our development of the brand strategy. We examine competitors, peers, markets and trends to identify the parameters that will guide the conception and development of a brand philosophy.

Graphic Identity and Strategy

Establishes the qualitative goals within the brand strategy for the implementation of identity and graphics.

User Experience Strategy

Builds a strategy that addresses every part of the physical experience of a brand. The things that can be seen and touched are examined within social, cultural and business contexts. Top-level goals are established to guide design direction towards a unique and cohesive experience.

Consumer Touch Point and Digital Ecosystem

Utilize the User Experience Strategy to create an understanding of how technology can be used to define and augment the experience of the brand.

Evolve the Ideas

Question everything. The best information is only as useful as its relationship to the problem at hand. The right solution might be the first idea or the last, but it must always prove to be the smartest.

Market Position and Strategy

Takes the preceding research to the next level by creating a comprehensive strategy that serves as a touch point for business and design goals.

Graphic Development

Undertakes the design and development of specifically identified graphic elements to be utilized by the brand.


Begins the process of developing products, interfaces and spaces that will define the user experience into tangible models that embody the elements and expression of the brand.

Interactive Strategy

Develops the elements identified in the Digital Ecosystem Strategy and gives them technological and elemental form by developing the platforms, look and interactions that will best articulate the goals of the brand.

Implement the Solution

The smartest solution demands comprehensive leadership and a relationship with the best people during production to preserve value and ensure success.


Addresses the technical documentation or implementation of all the elements that have been defined in the Think and Innovate phases.


Provides comprehensive client support throughout the selection and vetting of outside vendors in support of the final creation of all the elements that have been defined in the Think and Innovate phases.

Production Oversight/Implementation

Provides client representation to and production oversight of various vendors responsible for producing all of the elements of the brand.

Brand Maintenance

Provides support and continuity of the vision as the brand grows. Expansion of the experience, products and services can be critical to the health of the brand and should be done with an openness to new ideas, yet rooted in a clear understanding of the core philosophy that gave birth to the brand.

Openshop Selected Works

Artsee Eyewear Brand and Retail Stores Miami and New York, 2011
McDonald’s Future Restaurant Strategy Global, 2012
iSpace Apple Store Brand Strategy and Stores China, 2011
Carol’s Daughter Retail Brand and Prototype New York, 2011
Bliss Brand Strategy and Retail Prototype New York, 2008
Tongji Innovation Base Masterplan China, 2007
Red Egg Restaurant New York, 2009
Hive Loft Brooklyn, 2006
House 15 New York, 2009-2010
Queens Museum of Art Bookstore Queens, 2003
Black Nexxus Acting Studio New York, 2003-2004
Greenhouse Mixed-use Development China, 2002
MCF House Houston, 2002
Apartment 21.4 New York, 2007
Apartment 160.2C New York, 2006
House 2045 Houston, 2005
Apartment 109.5B New York, 2006
Apartment 21.2 New York, 2008
Apartment 573.402 New York, 2012
Apartment 259.B New York, 2003-2004
Doing! Installation Ball State University, 2007

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